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Let the water 
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We come from the Water and our bodies are 70 per cent made of this element. 

Humans spend 9 months in an aquatic medium in their mothers womb and most people feel more at easy or relaxed whilst in the water, unless a trauma has created a barrier of this relation.

Water therapy is a somatic body- mind practice about surrendering, receiving the delicate and nurturing touch of this essential life force element while your therapist works on detecting and unblocking points and providing physical and emotional release.    

The 1.5 hours sessions allow you to go to states of profound meditation, some say they are similar to plant medicine work or other alternate states, while others have memories from being in their mothers womb, increased sexual/sensual release, better sleep, more focus and much more.

Let the Water invite you to reconnect to this aquatic past and access profound memories that will help you restore harmony and fluidity in your present life.

We finish the session with sound healing instruments, to allow you to deepen your transformational journey and to ground.

DM for more info.


Yam Festival

Manglar Shabat

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