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fear is your biggest power not
your limitation
Able to hold her breath for a full six minutes and dive to depths of 74 meters, Flavia Eberhard has developed a system that will empower you and reinvent what you once thought to be your limits.
Through a series of exercises involving breath work, mindfulness, projective manifestation, together with the understanding of the potential of fear itself, Flavia will present you a powerful method that will allow you to change the way you perceive yourself and the way you act upon the challenges in your life.
Using a reverse system that uses the breath to stimulate emotional states instead of having the emotions triggering uncontrolled breathing patterns, you will learn to unleash the full potential within your breath and to work at your conscious level in other to increase your self-confidence and self-awareness so you can become more present and fulfilled..  
This technique is not limited to the use within the sport, but to your everyday life and will provide you tools to successfully and rapidly achieve a vast range of energetic and emotional states ranging from passive relaxation, concentration and vitality that will awaken a more whole and powerful you.
​Discover how to channel and use the full potential of the energy of the breath embedded within yourself.



with static dance sundance at
Papaya playa project

New Year Celebration



Yam Festival

Manglar Shabat

yam festival1.jpeg

Yam Festival

Manglar Shabat


Love Academy boat Retreat

La PAz

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