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Create and Inspire

Flavia Eberhard is co-founder and partner of Sea Dragons, an audiovisual design boutique, full service production house.  Cutting edge filmmaking techniques, intimate character development and detailed audio design are coupled with decades of underwater and freediving experience. From storyboarding to post-production, Flavia and Sea Dragons creative and unique crew have the complete skills to attend to any marketing production needs from A to Z. And take it to the next level!

Sea Dragons has produced short films, advertising materials, events coverage, photography published in various magazines around the world and are currently  Co Producing the TV Series APNEIA for Extreme Sports Channel Canal OFF TV for Globo.

Sea Dragons can execute all aspects of your underwater cinematography needs with the freedom of filming on a single breath that provides unlimited shooting movements and no deco dives allowing us to go down and up as fast or slow as we need.

videographers/operators, directors, art directors and models are part of the top class crew to ensure the best quality in our products.

Some of the areas of Sea Dragons' focus:

Bring your idea. We can take care of all the rest!

For more info please go to or send us a message trough the contact tab.

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