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Flavia Eberhard

Flavia has been in love with the underwater world since childhood. Growing up in an island in Brazil, she took part in various water sports, but it was below the surface that she found her real passion. Scouted by FORD Models at the age of 17 she worked as an international fashion model, shooting numerous campaigns and magazines and took part in various fashion shows and TV commercials.  She travelled around the world and shared her time between the flashlights and her love to the sea.
From recreational scuba to tech diving, she devoted most of her free time to discover and photograph the underwater scene in order to share her passion and to inspire others.

Free Falling In Deep Love

It was in 2007 when Flavia was introduced to freediving that her life would completely change. Intrigued by this natural relationship with the sea and the challenge to redefine her own limitations, she embraced freediving in full and followed her heart. Besides modeling, Flavia immerse in competing, teaching and presenting and co-directing a TV series about freediving. Above all, Flavia's goal is to invite others to learn more about their true potential while connecting to nature and the element water. She aims trough her work to bring awareness of the fragility of our oceans and to help preserve the underwater environment.  


Having 9 records, Flavia was the first South American woman to descent to -69 meters in free immersion in a competition and can hold her breath for 6 minutes besides diving to 74 meters in one breath. 
Flavia presents a TV series for Canal OFF called "APNEIA" where she travels around the world looking for the best places to freedive and for encounters with marine creatures. 


Flavia is one of the few instructors teaching from three different freediving institutions, SSI, AIDA and Apnea Total and it is an Instructor Trainer at Freedive Mexico school in Tulum, providing courses and adventure experiences with projects all over the world.
Flavia is currently bringing together two of her major passions and expertises, freediving and modeling, offering workshops for underwater models and anyone wanting to do an underwater photoshoot.  
She also teaches Yoga, breath awareness and mindfulness and is in addition,  an AIDA judge.
Flavia is an ambassador at IAMWATER conservation and believes in the power of education to preserve our oceans' future and our own.

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